Friday, July 31, 2009

it means so much to me

It’s been some time now that I found myself grounded in that big deep chasm from where I found no ray of hope. Every time that I tried to find some way out, I found double the force that was pulling me more deep into it. For some time I completely lost all my power and all that strength that made me take everything so positively and so cheerfully. A sense of losing, a feeling of being defeated ruthlessly crept into my heart making it all week. And suddenly the voice that has been all the way silent spoke to me. Not about his stupid pranks or his careless trial. Nor about his muses or rants but reminded me of the lost me. Reminded me about the one that lost herself to some artificialities and hid herself far from what she really is. He made me realize what is it, which was always there with me for 23 years and then suddenly was lost somewhere. He recouped my lost potential with his one pull. Those little hands which I once held when he was about to fall, held mine when I needed them the most. The lil brother to whom I taught how to eat and how to play today taught me how to get back to myself. Thanks bro!!! Thanks for being for me.

P.S your flying kiss rode all the way to your sister :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Earth

The planet is going to peril. I want to change it. And I know there are many who want to do their share of effort for this. Let’s get to discuss a couple of ways as to how we can all do that together.

1. The first important issue is, one has to understand the impact of the choices that we take. Make wise choices. Reduce the consumption of earth’s resources like... choosing goods with less packaging. Think about the products entire life cycle from manufacturing to the disposal. Replace your non-renewable resources with the renewable once like the solar and wind. Travel mindfully, cut down on your greenhouse gas emissions. Think in a more ecologically friendly way use train and local means more. I
Know it’s easy to say but it takes a lot to commitment to get to work. But anything and everything is possible

2. Make your homes healthy and more efficient going green:
• Keep a watch on the home illumination. Replace your light bulbs as they burn out with compact fluorescent models.
• Use kitchen and bathroom ventilating fans as little as possible to avoid sending too much heated or cooled air out of the house.
• Check the setting on your water heater isn't overheating your water.
• Next major saving should be with the water. Its earth’s most precious resource. Using as little of it as possible not only reduces the energy needed to transport the water from its source, process it, and send it along the pipes to people, but it helps to ensure that there's enough to go around. Fix the leaking faucets around the home right away. Use as little water as possible when cooking. Use water wisely when you are washing the dishes. In general, a shower uses little than filling up the container. Whether you prefer showers or baths keep water conservation in mind and limit the amount of water you use.
• Practice green cleaning: use baking soda, vinegar, and lime, Borax etc., as cleaning solutions to many household issues than powerful chemicals.

3. Minimize your trash and de-clutter your life:
• For many people, if trash is "out of sight, it is out of mind" as soon as it leaves their home. But that’s not the end of trash’s journey. It’s just the beginning. For every item you throw out, there's hidden waste- the raw materials that went into its production and the resources such as water and energy that fueled the process, from raw materials to finished goods to land fill. And much of that energy comes from non renewable sources. The main idea here is to reduce your trash so much that you produce no waste at all. It’s far more practical and achievable way with all the recycling and packaging practices that are catching up with today’s "Green" culture.
A few tips onto how to go about this
• Buy less. Identify the difference between what you "Need" and what you "Want"
• Be mindful of packaging. Buy fresh food that doesn’t come prepackaged. Avoid individually packaged items. Take your own shopping bag; reduce the usage of plastic bags. Opt for items in glass or other recyclable containers instead of plastic containers that can’t be recycled.
• Lengthening the life of your processions: try to opt of processions that you can handle longer. That way you would be helping with a lot of waste reduction and avoid buying new items and getting rid of the old once and also save some money.
• Recycle as many products as you can. Try to identify sources in your community where there are recycle hubs and use them. You can also turn your garbage into someone else’s gold by just donating them to the needy. Offer your used goods to another person reduce waste and fits in with the idea of reusing as much as possible.
• Disposing of electronic goods: electronics have become an important part of our lifestyle. And they have also become more prominent contributions of our homes waste. If you want to get rid of your old electronics just find an electronic recycler near to you. Or if you want to get rid of your old computer and TV don’t trash it. Donate it for reuse by facilities like charity schools or social organizations. Disposing your old vehicle. Don’t throw it into junk yards. It can be reused sometimes or can be donated. You can sometimes get a tax benefit if you donate things to charity organizations [:)]

4. Make more green diet decisions:
Be selective about where your food comes from. Go for locally produced food stuff. This way you would save all the green house gas emission form the transportation of the foods from distant places.
Go for the local farmers market which would be open just a couple of times a week but which would cater to buying fresh local and organic food.

These are all small tips, in all the various ways we can save the environment. These small issues can be a great contribution to the society.

And I feel all this education has to be done specifically at the grass root level. Little school children have to be educated with high priority about these issues. That is an age when, whatever is stressed will remain forever. We have to involve children in the green drive activates that the school undertakes. Teach them the effects of whatever we do. Such things don’t happen in a jiffy. All this is going to take some time. Persistent effort and working dedicatedly will definitely bring a change.

I would appreciate the discussion of more solutions to the issues. Pour your thought and bring in more issues to light.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Opportunity..use it

It is true that many times people fail to achieve something for lack of opportunity. But lucky are those who get an opportunity to prove their talent, hard work and the best they have in themselves. One such opportunity being provided, are by the various Talent Shows. Talent shows in Music, Dance, Art and whatever. It is really appreciable that the basic platform is being created for and by people to get the best in their respective field (thought it’s a win-win for both of them lol).

All this came to my mind when i was watching the SA RE GA MA PA lil Champs. What a show!!! Little kids all below 15 yrs of age with such lovely voices. And many among them are from such small villages of our country that If not for this show I guess it would have been real tough for them to make a mark for themselves so easily at that age. And the best part is the mentoring that all those little kids are being offered. Those kids are in such a tender age that they learn things so quick and hold it with them for a long time, wherein the need for a right guide, right guru is needed. Abhijeet and Alka Yagnikar are doing a great job.
A win-win show where everyone is getting their share of profit. More of such shows have to be conducted, not just in the music and dance arena but educational too. To bring the best in each subject by the best.

I would love to share the show links with every one

Friday, July 10, 2009

Google Chrome Operating System

I was just trying to jot down all the uses a computer can offer without an internet connection. And it turned out to be such a small list, unless some specified software was being used for some very specific purpose. And when you use internet the list goes endless. This clearly demarcates the vast use an internet connection can offer. And when I talk about internet the first and foremost thing that pops up into my mind is GOOGLE. It has revolutionized the way internet access is done. Through the years it has added so many features to itself that it’s no more just a search engine. With its new venture Google Chrome Operating systems I guess its gona add another feather to its cap.

Chrome OS would be designed using the Linux Open Source and is being initially targeted at Netbooks. It should be all set for a grand release by the second half of 2010. Its main features would be speed, simplicity and security. The user interface would be made minimal to stay out of our way, and most of the user experience takes place on the web. Just as the Google Chrome browser, they are completely redesigning the underlying security architecture of the OS so that we users will not have to deal with viruses, malware and other security updates.

But the clear part here is Google has literally dropped a nuclear bomb on its chief rival, Microsoft. The sales of Netbooks have increased tremendously these days and there are lots of them that are running on Windows XP. Windows being a very old one which has been initially built for Pentium 3s and 4s. The new Chrome OS would be capable of both x86 architecture and ARM chips and will be working with multiple OEMs to increase the number of netbooks to an even greater number. Another important issue here is, just as the browser the Operating system will also be open- sourced. But is there any chance of Microsoft open-sourcing its windows??

After the release of Chrome OS what about Android? (The Mobile Operating System running on Linux, developed by Google). Google does agree of some overlap between the two, but the basic difference remains that Android cannot be run on x86 architecture, where as Chrome would. And another difference that Chrome wants to emphasize is including apps that are not standard browser based apps.

Google plans for this release very soon. No wonder if it drops the same time, when Microsoft is out with its wildcard Windows 7

Thursday, July 9, 2009


When the world around me seems like hell, when everything I try works out to be a complete disaster the only medicine that can calm all my senses and make my brain work is some good music. What a gift we found for our self. Not just trouble or pain, any situation and music can change the way u feel. It’s not just something that I am saying here. But its proven science that we are hardwired to interpret and react to a piece of music. You get happier when you listen to good music… and when we are dull we tend to listen to the slow music where we try to find peace with it.

My dad gets completely freaked up when he finds me reading a book with the music on. It’s as if I am committing the greatest sin of my life.. lol. But I try hard to make him understand that it’s scientifically proved that music will enhance the learning skill. The only thing that separates a genius from an average person is his learning ability, which can be improved with music. People learn through music and their minds grow faster when it is implemented in the right way. It’s just a myth that is being continued for some time now that they both don’t gel well.

It gets hard to put it in words sometimes the most beautiful things….