Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Runn Review
I’ve been dying to watch a movie for a long time now and watching a movie like “Runn” surely subsided my movie thirst for now. Another nice movie by RamGopal Varma. With Amitabh and Ritesh conveying the quintessential message about media and people who are trying to use it for their own benefit.

It clearly shows the real urgency of media being unbiased and clean. The role it plays in a democratic country like ours is huge. Media has the power and capacity to revolutionize the society by surfacing the truth. Today the quality of information is being compromised for TRP rating or money. This movie has/can to be a wake-up call for Media on the whole. It is the duty of the Media to sensationalize the priority news rather than focusing on irrelevant issues.

It is also equally important for all institutions to promote quality journalism and to encourage before the study slips into the coffins. South India; considered as the knowledge hub of the country should shift its view point to subject areas other than maths and science and understand the importance of journalism/arts/human sciences. Today you find that every second person there is an engineer/doctor here. The mentality of the society has changes to an extent where it is presumed to be an offence if a student picks up subjects other than Maths or science as his/her major. This attitude has to change. And print media has to take up this challenge to bring out the best in other subject areas too.