Tuesday, December 30, 2008


New year z around the corner
n i guess every one might be up with their ResolutionS list :)

last year i resolved to make "NO Resolutions"
and i understood it was a veryyy bad idea... :(
every thing went on so hazyly...
was not prepared for anything.. but things just happend...

i dont like that now!!
i hate that feeling of powelessness...

but that taught me something
that its Destiny that finally will Rule
no matter what you do
no matter how hard you hit
its all in its hands

you gotcha do your best and just leave the rest!!

with all this in my mind
i have decided to make up my Resolutions List for this year


that would be working on to....

1. Speak out my mind aloud...

2. talk less... and think more :) :)

3. Do your Best and just leave the Rest

would be glad if people can jot down their piece of mind too.. :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Every day i wake up with a thought,
yet another day has passed by and what is it that i have added..

what is it that i have done?
so i can count back to the end

we tend to run so fast in this busy world
trying to catch up things that "we think" should not miss
but rare is it
that we strive to get what "we feel" like doing

trying to catch the big picture of life
we often tend to ignore the very small picture
that can add immense joy in our life

life today has become so mechanical
running for things that are so artificial

none has the time to sit back and think for people around,
for the creatures with us, for the generations to come

none has the time to listen with a sympathetic ear,
nor has the patience to care for any other...

if this is what continues
what is it that we are gona leave back for our children?

in what conditions are we gona bring them up??

we ourselves are consuming every thing be it water, air, land, animals...
not just consuming.. but polluting them too..
breaking the family bonds...
not caring for another human...

and what would they have left for them

no more fresh water to drink...
no more fresh air to breath..
and show their kids how a butterfly looks like

SCARY is that thought!!!

people have to start thinking
not just about the present and about themselves
but about the society and generations to come

every one can help in their own way
give back some thing to the society, people around us..
either by planting a tree or just a smile to the other

we can surely make this a beautiful life where when we look back
we would have contentment, happiness and SATISFACTION of living a life like this