Friday, June 26, 2009

bye bye Rockstar

May his soul rest in Peace...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Keeping the Passion of love Alive

Imagine that you've decided to build a fire in your fireplace. You carefully choose the logs, the kindling, and after lighting a match to start the fire, you watch over it until you're sure the fire is burning strongly and steadily. Then you sit back and enjoy the comforting warmth, the delightful play of the flames, the magical light. You don't need to be as vigilant about keeping the fire blazing, since it has enough fuel for now. but at some point, when you notice its getting a little colder, or the light is growing dim, you realize that the fire needs your attention again, and so you rouse yourself from whatever you've been doing and add more wood, or adjust the position of the logs so that, once more, the flames can rise high.

Even if you've neglected the fire for a while, even if it appears to have died out, you see that the embers still radiate a deep, orange glow that can only be created by hours of extreme heat. The embers are deceptive, and they contain great power within their quiet light. Although by themselves they produce no flames, they can ignite a newly added piece of wood in seconds, suddenly rekindling the full force of the fire, transforming the dormant coals into a roaring blaze.

We can correlate the passion between two lovers by thinking about what we intuitively know about building and maintaining a fire. When you first meet someone and fall in love, you carefully court and seduce him or her, adding the right amount of intimacy, the perfect amount of commitment until the fire of passion flares up between your hearts and your bodies. For a while, this blaze burns brightly on its own and you grow accustomed to the joy it brings into your life.

But one day, you realize there is less light, less heat between you and your mate, and that in fact, it’s been that way for some time now. You don’t feel the same intense degree of physical attraction, the same desire to unite, and the same stimulation you once felt with each other.

How many people ask themselves, at this critical point in a love affair, the fire of passion has died down simply because no one has been tending it, because no one has added the fuel necessary to keep it burning? How many people walk away from the smoking embers of their marriage, certain that the fire has died out, without noticing that the coals of love still contain enough heat to reignite into flames, if only they are given a chance?

Respect the fire of passion, the fire of love. Understand that to stay alive; it needs to be honored, to be cared for, and to be tended as diligently as you would tend a fire you had built in the wilderness to help keep you warm and sage from harm. Feed the fire of your love with kindness, Communication, appreciation and gratitude, and it will always blaze strong and brightly for you...

A small story that I felt was so true.. That I wanted it here.
-From the Chicken soup for the Romantic Soul

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Love can some times be magic...
but magic can some times be just an illusion


On a day to day basis, there are so many things that we use a lot and yet we undermine or do not appreciate the beauty of those things. We all know that the best search engine is The MOTHER “Google”; I call it so, because they say that if it is not in Google, it does even exits. [:P] Anyways I did not start here to emphasize the importance of Google which is very well known, but to talk about Wikipedia.

It’s considered as one of the best free encyclopedia. Any Google search I make, and wiki pages lie on the top of the list. An online editable encyclopedia, like everyone else I questioned if it could be really that authenticated. And after I have used and read how the editable process goes by and the voluntary work that so many people do, I appreciate it even more now. The idea to make an encyclopedia available so easy is laudable. I was surprised to read about the number of articles that it carries, the different languages that it can be translate, the easy way to edit, the manner in which an edit will be approved, the history page which helps to track the editing and the neutrality that the website maintains in its contents. Any topic that you want, you do a wiki search and that will give you an idea of what it is, what it can do and so on. All are pretty appreciable. I am looking forward to see the wiki books very soon.

Check out the pages below to know more about it

Friday, June 12, 2009


if we think we can fight against our destiny...
if we think we can change whats writen for us
let me tell you oh boy
its a big NO...

this is another example for that

check it out!!

the essential

people struggle all through their life
try to get all the bloody comforts
no stopping at any point...

you get one and then
keep looking for the next
next best, that can make one more happy

a child finishes his/her high school
thinking it would be an end to his problems
everything will be easy then after

but no..

he faces the challenges of college
he is made to think
that college would be the end of the troubles

but no..

he faces a job next
and thinks if he can make a mark there
that will be an end

but no..

slowly one understands that
this is a circle that he is in..
with no beginning and no end to it
just as one problem stops
the other pops up reminding him of its presence

what good is all the struggle
without those couple hrs of sleep

you have been working all through
satisfying yourself at times and
satisfying your loved ones..
what good is all the struggle
Without those couple hrs of sleep..

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cricket Fever

Cricket in India is no less than a religion. People worship it day in and day out. I have seen so many ardent fans of cricket in my own group with no gender difference. As a kid i had the privilege of being raised in a big joint family with a grandpa, four uncle & aunts, 8 kids, all together. And in those days, if by any chance the cricket season started there would be nothing else allowed to be aired other than CRICKET. Guys would eat, sleep, and move just around that one black and white TV with all eyes over it. Those high5's, those jumps, those sitting on the toes, those boos. I remember all of those. That was when i had my so called cricket education!! Go out of the house, and i would find my brothers always with a bat and ball, screaming, shouting, yelling at each other for that one wicket or that one run. I call it real fun.

Through the years many things have changed. Over families have moved apart and few people have left and joined our sweet little family but one thing that has never changed is the amount of excitement that bumps up when we all watch cricket together. I always wondered if it was because of the game or was it within us. And then i thought that the combination is good :)

I don’t call myself to be a great cricket devotee. But sure, i know what series is going on off lately. And make sure that i do watch if it’s "My team INDIA” playing. And somehow I happened to find out that this one game has changed the very face of my country so much. It has now become one of the most happening industries in India. It generates more than a $1.5 billion and that’s a whole lot of money I guess. The BCCI is the richest cricket association of all the countries that surely adds to the cheering. The game which stated as a once a while event now changed, that it has a Twenty20 or an IPL going on every now and then. The game which had a sunil gavaskar, a kapil dev, a sachin tendulkar, a ganguly has been added with many other awesome players who have contributed so much to the game. Allz good as long as the sponsors are happy making loads of money, the players pockets full both playing and posing themselves off to the advertisers and as long as India keeps winning :) Awaiting for some spectacular T20 series… Happy Cricketing!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Peeping back into the past… a couple of years back, I was never given the liberty to take my own decisions.It was always my mom and dad who decided things for me...

Which school to go?
Which transport to take?
What to eat?
What to play with?

But that was all when I was very small. When I didn’t even know how to question. Gradually I started understanding things. That was when the reasoning started and I kept asking them why not that, why this???

Math as a subject. why.. Why not something else?
Girls college....... why.. Why not something different?
Late night movie with friends... why... Why not once in a while?

My parents decided almost everything for me
What to do, what not to do.
Where to go, where not to go.
I was so upset…. Always used to argue… how will I learn things if you don’t let me make mistakes.If you dont give me the control..

and then suddenly things changed...
they gave me the liberty of taking my own decisions

I want go to America, be an independent girl, do my work in my own way… and they said YES… upto you.

At first every things was good... like it usually is. I loved all the freedom, all the individuality which was in my work. Slowly everything was in my control. I was the boss of my own life, I could take any decision I wanted to take. Slowly things were getting bigger and bigger. Questions about my future. Questions of peace of mind, questions of integrity, questions of self respect…. All stated to pop up. And it was getting so tough to handle things. Always had the question of “am I doing it right?” in my mind. I asked my parents each time if what I am in was right… was it right for me, was it right for them. But then I realized I will no more be getting any “To-Do” from them. The only answer that I now get is “You are big enough, you can make your own decisions, go for whatever u think is right!!!”


i hate it now. Hate it more than what I hated when I was restricted. I wish they could still take my decisions. Huhh!! But I guess it’s too late. I do not have the control which I can give back nor can they take it. Taking decisions is so hard hitting at times. So much to think about so little. The responsibility that comes along with it is so huge.

And now when i argue with my mom, Why the hell do you guys allow me to take my own decisions? And she says, the time to be protective is over. The time you be responsible is up!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Women...... Oh Women!!

sm thing i wanted to share from my collection...:)

If you are well dressed,
she thinks you are a play boy
If you are not
she thinks u are a beggar

If you kiss her,
she thinks you are not a gentleman
if you dont
she thinks you are not a man

If you praise her
she thinks you are a lier
if you dont
she thinks you are good for nothing

If you vist her often
she thinks u are boring
if you dont
she accuses u for double crossing

if you visit another girl
she accuses you for being a cheat
if she is visited by another guy
she says "Oh!! its natural, we are girls"

if you propose love within a brief time,
u are a fresh guy
if you propose love later
she wonders why?

if you are jealous
she says its bad
if you are not
she doubts your love n is not glad

if you attempt romance
she things you dont respect her
if you dont
she thinks you dont like her

if you listen
she wants to talk
if you wana talk
she too wants to talk

Oh Woman!!!!

you are so simple, Duh
yet so complex....

you are so weak, Duh
yet so powerful...

you are so confusing, Duh
yet so desirable...