Tuesday, March 31, 2009

lady ga ga

Music really acts as a stress reliever all the time...i love this one now!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The other end of the line

a good movie after a long day leaves us with such good a feeling...
i guess "the other end of the line" can serve that purpose.
another movie based on outsourcing, talking about our Mumbai :)
Jesse Metcalfe looked pretty handsome in the movie and shiya was good too in a couple of her costumes. Over all a one time watch movie

Folkes interested in the movie can get the link below.


Nothing can beat the happiness of meeting old buddies after a longtime. So Rejuvenating. In this alien country catching up with my old buddies was like meeting my family again. Felt at home for some time. You don’t have to worry what someone is gona think about what you say or what you do. U get the chance of being completely yourself. I don’t know if i have put my words clear enough here, i don’t mean that i am not myself the rest of the time. It just means that whatever it is.. i dont have the fear of losing my best buddies. And that makes it a whole lot of different. They are the people you have not grown up with, you just caught up with them some time back because there were some similarities in the way you think and you have become friends even before you realize. They are the people with whom you can just be yourself, tell them the most silliest things, you don’t mind they laughing at you, those suggestions which you don’t mind taking even if it looks like cribbing, friends with whom you can share everything and you know they will keep your secrets. Friends with whom you fight, and know everything will be fine very soon and you could have a blast again. Those with whom you cannot be angry for a long time no matter how hard you try. Whatever this is, this bond is amazing. You don’t expect anything more than that friendship to continue.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Every morning I try to frame a new positive quote for the day, so that I can stay strong and be bold to take whatever comes my way. But I guess all the positive quotes are coming to an end now. I am tired of being strong. The US economy is going down-n- down every day. Had hope about the status before but now everything seems so bleak. Every morning I here that loads of people have been fired, so many are out of jobs. And I consider myself so lucky that I am not in that bad a position, as the others are. At least I have someone back home who can still take care of me as lovingly as they ever. There are so many well experienced people who have a family, who they have to support at the end of the day, and they are all jobless now. It’s all so bad!!! It’s not a problem forum kind of stuff that I want to open here. But I just want to think if all this pain is worth taking?

Do I have to give so much of mental strain every minute that I do not even have a nice sleep at the end of the day? Is it all right giving so much of pain to my parents who are so far away from me, thinking every minute about what I would be facing in this alien place? Is this United States worth all this??? We Indians have been working so much, giving our best to this country. What would have been the status of this US if not the huge Asian population? Can these guys work as hard as an Asian does? No ways!!! I now think if all we Indian would have worked this hard for our mother land, not expecting the great benefits this country offers, it would have been a brighter more vibrant India by now.

At least I do not have to worry about being thrown out of the country there. And more importantly I can survive happily even with a 100 bucks in my pocket. I will not have to worry about my credit card payments all the while. I will not have to worry about the Overdraft fee or the heavy APR that I would be paying at the end of the day. It’s true that I will have no more of Aeropostale, Abercrombie & Fitch, and No more Hollister, Coach Bags, Prada glasses and Burberry perfumes. But if I want, I can freak out with my friend without the thought that I would be given a ticket, I will not have to worry about my credit history and rather relax at the pani poori bandi near my house. It’s said that “The grass is always greener on the other side” I don’t know if I want to imply to that or say that I have discovered my real longingness to go back home now. For good or bad, recession has taught me new things. I am done thinking about my status, thinking about my bank loan, thinking about all the questions that I will have to face of being jobless.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Heat is getting ONN

It was all not this bad before
and now i will really have to say the heat is getting ON
Recession is giving me a really tough time now
i was enjoying all the time that i got so far
but now the thought that what would happen in the near future is bothering me a lot
Irritation is mounting to the peak
a sense of insecurity is fast creeping onto me
now what do i do?
Where do i go?
what is the best thing for me now
all these questions bother me so much now

Friday, March 6, 2009

awesome video

they are few things which seem so unrelated to your life yet sometimes they bring joy to our heart.. and this video is one of that kind...

A slumdog, with no proper food to eat, bed to sleep, and water to drink manages to give his best with whatever he is dealing with. This video teaches that the real education in life does not lie in the sophisticated classrooms or the big books. The stubborn reason to survive teaches it all. Everything seems alien before we try it out. It’s just the first one step that is difficult, and once you are into it, we will gain all the courage to fight it...

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Does silence mean that you are sad about something?
Does it mean that you hate what you are doing?
Does silence mean that there is something bothering you a lot?
Does it mean that you wana cry out loud?

may be it doesn’t!!

It can also mean that i want some space for myself now...