Friday, November 21, 2008

Ma Family

i have always herd that "Distance is a great promoter of love" I think i have never thought about this phrase much ever...but now When im away from my home and family it make me realize that it is Soooo true!!!!

Now when i am away from my home
i get to know the pinch of it

I never realized in my 22 yrs that my family, my people back home, my friends, every single things that i have left over there would mean so much to me. Every day when i get up i think it would be a different day over there with my mom shouting at not getting up early, my bro fighting with me for petty things, my dad giving lecture about life, my friends turning in with a different story, different idea every single day...


what a life that was.... i had so much fun in so lil comforts...
there were always cribbing of not having something.. but not a single day when i rolled a tear saying im missing some thing..

things change..... that is the only permanent thing in life!!!!
but few relations and feelings will never change for a lifetime.. :)
i am so glad that i have a family which can stand by side all through the journey of my life. My mom with whom i can share all my troubles in this world, my dad who can give me all the inspiration and courage to face things, my brother who can make me smile with his funny acts and caring thoughts and my friends with whom i share the weirdest of dreams & thoughts

i am so thankful to all of you

I miss you all so much

all you people mean so much to me :)