Friday, April 2, 2010

"Money" "Money" & "Money"


No matter how bluntly we say that, "its okay its just money" there are many other things important than money. It’s not all true. Money is always "THE" important thing. No matter how good you are, how generous you are, how selflessly you work for some thing/some one; by the end of it all, if you don’t have money, you are just nothing.

Human relations, emotions, Feeling of oneness/together blah blah blah.... All trash

All are secondary

You are something if you have that one thing, else you are just nothing!!

Its very important one realizes it very soon that the world rotates around money. If you don’t have that you are nothing at all to your dear one too. This might not surface right upfront. But will surely come up one day, one time or the other.

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Hindu : Life & Style / Money & Careers : Seven habits of effective women

The Hindu : Life & Style / Money & Careers : Seven habits of effective women


I love this Beta version of the Hindu Website.


Monday, March 8, 2010

International Women’s Day 2010

Women’s Day; a celebration for being “WOMEN”.

My salute to all those who work relentlessly, selflessly to bring to light the atrocities women face and fight for justice and betterment of women. I’m very glad that situations have been getting better with time. Women today definitely have a reason to smile for being provided an opportunity on par with men in almost all the walks of life. Nevertheless even today we still find women being harassed, tortured for various reasons, they have grown strong comparatively.

Was going through the history of Women’s Day celebrations. Thought it would be a great message to share. CLICK HERE
and another very intresting article written by Kalpana Sharma that I wana share.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lifez like this

Another fake baba scan unleashed. It feels so ridiculous that how can people be so stupid and how can they believe in someone just like that. Amma Bhagwan; the so called divine couple say they have a vision to transform this world into a more beautiful place by charging high amount of money from the so called dasis. Huh…. News also reveals that the Babas minimum charges are from 5000 bucks and can extend to close to 2 lks if the dasa’s wants to spend 10 minutes in the presense of the so called divine baba. (lol) I wonder how people can believe such junk. People are ready to put in their hard earned money to a baba who says can heel the world but do not want to use a little bit of their brain & look into what kind of baba he is, what are the works he does, what exactly is the matter with him. So sad..

As soon as amma bhagwands scam was unleased, media people got behind all the so called babas. Just 2 days after Amma bhagwans news there was another sex scandal of Nityanand Swami howering all the news channels. The problem here is; when there is some hot news being telecasted in any news channels almost all the other competitive channels also get into the same race either telecasting the same news in a different way or they get behind all the babas who ever existed and keep rolling news about the same.
I have not found anything different in any news channel. None thinks out of the box and rarely solutions are offered. That is the biggest problem. Everybody is so much immersed into analyzing the current situation but very rarely the same interest is applied in unleashing the solutions.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Runn Review
I’ve been dying to watch a movie for a long time now and watching a movie like “Runn” surely subsided my movie thirst for now. Another nice movie by RamGopal Varma. With Amitabh and Ritesh conveying the quintessential message about media and people who are trying to use it for their own benefit.

It clearly shows the real urgency of media being unbiased and clean. The role it plays in a democratic country like ours is huge. Media has the power and capacity to revolutionize the society by surfacing the truth. Today the quality of information is being compromised for TRP rating or money. This movie has/can to be a wake-up call for Media on the whole. It is the duty of the Media to sensationalize the priority news rather than focusing on irrelevant issues.

It is also equally important for all institutions to promote quality journalism and to encourage before the study slips into the coffins. South India; considered as the knowledge hub of the country should shift its view point to subject areas other than maths and science and understand the importance of journalism/arts/human sciences. Today you find that every second person there is an engineer/doctor here. The mentality of the society has changes to an extent where it is presumed to be an offence if a student picks up subjects other than Maths or science as his/her major. This attitude has to change. And print media has to take up this challenge to bring out the best in other subject areas too.