Wednesday, May 27, 2009

bottled water

what good is the bottled water doing to us??
except for producing more trash than ever.

check it out in detail!!

Summer evening...

Summer time, 8.30 in the evening, with the light breeze rustling through my patio door. The lil sparrows twittering as lovely as ever. The lil bee bee’ing above my daisy pot, the clam slow music. everything seems so lovely…. Feel like a perfect summer evening after a long time. I think about all my lovely evenings that I have spent with my family and friends. Me and pallu on the roof top, talking about everything and nothing sometimes… those loud laughter’s, those stupid gossips, those silent staring… all those seem as fresh as these daisies J leaving a smile on my face. 7.30 in the evening and my mom would be home with the hot samosas, bajjis.. and we would have the endless talk about all that happened, and my mom setting examples of what to be and what not to be. Lovely!!!! And 9 o clock and the fight begins for the remote… one with KBC, one with saas bahu soaps but new channels always win over the others. I miss those days now. They were some of the best moments I will ever remember. It seems we realize the value of some things only when you are away from it. I guess that is the beauty of parting from some things. Those small issues end up making the whole difference.

These life stages are also so funny. We just don’t realize all these when we have them, and by the time we do, we end up being far from them. This learning process seems so bad at times. But I’m glad that I at least now, I have learnt them. So that the next time I find them, I will treasure those. Life is all about learning. We understand a few things only when we learn it the hard way. It never sets in the mind when someone tells us the consequences.. I was so busy with my life some time back that I now feel that I haven’t spent quality time with my mom and dad. I made some strong decisions in life that I didn’t think of leaving my brother all alone… It hurts me now. That I left him at a time when he needed me the most as a friend, as his teacher, as his guide, as his partner in crime [:P] sorry bro!!!

All these things leave me with a heavy heart. What have I done!! Why have I done that?? Dollar dreams!! Uncle Sam has betrayed me. Came here with so many hopes!! Thought just a few years away from my favorite things and then I will be rewarded with the best ever. But I was wrong… whatever might be the reason of this slump in the economy. It has changed my plans. I will have to re-evaluate things. And this time I have learnt lesson of not going behind the things that will not last a while… But the best thing about this whole thing is that it has left me so strong that I have the courage to stand up and face whatever odds that might pop up. Thanks you America for that!!

Anyways I don’t wana end this lovely summer evening with a tear. Whatever happens, happens for our good. I am enjoying this learning too!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009


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Friday, May 15, 2009

80 hrs..

Its 5 weeks now that i have made any posts into my blog
and when i look back to see what caught me up this whole time it i F.R.I.E.N.D.S...:)
i don't know why but I'm so happy to say that i have finished the entire 10 seasons of this lovely show.. i just loved it so much that i kept watching it. Not just the show,but the bloopers too... and the only thing that i can say is i kept laughing and laughing and laughing....
and in the end when i have calculated that i have spent (10seasons*24shows*20min each=80hrs/3+ days on the whole) i couldn't stop but still keep laughing at the whole thing..

this very idea began when i have seen my friends enjoying like hell with this show.. then i didn't know that it was this fun. a great show put up by David and Martha. i love all the 6 lovely characters and the best was the "How ya doing!!!" guy :)

the beginning was too good. i can still not forget a couple of episodes which made me laugh my guts out. and the shows music, hats off to it too. but the whole thing went a lil boring to the end.. may be the 9th season or so.. not that catchy but on the whole a lovely show... a must watch i say!!!

and in the mean time before i get addicted to another sitcom i would go love blogging :)