Thursday, February 12, 2009

CHANGE... at times i hate it

“Nothing is Permanent but change” someone great said this and it is so true. Everything around us, with us keeps changing and that is the final thing. This one quote gives me so much of strength.. but sometimes i hate it so much that things change..

In this journey called life, we get to meet so many people; we talk to so many. There are few who just come in like a fast blowing wind and go out the way they came ,and a few who come but will make a place in our heart forever. U make so many good, in fact great memories with them that no matter how far they again go from you they will stay with you forever. Their very though brings a smile on your face, strength in your heart and sometimes a tear on your eye..

this goes for my very good friend divya.. I will miss you so much :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

when was the last time you saw a butterfly??

i just kept thinking when i was asked this question. "When was the last time I saw a butterfly?" I had to strain so much to think when exactly I saw one. And I also fail to answer promptly to it because it’s been so long that I saw one really. It was as a kid when I used to run from one bush to another in the park, trying hard to catch the little angle and my brother running behind the dragon fly calling it as his Helicopter. Probably that was the last time I guess that I saw one really! It’s such a sad thing. Everything has been changing since then. We moved to a different place, a tall complex surrounded by tens of other even taller complex, with no greenery around, no more parks to play around or chase behind the little butterfly or dragon fly any more… I haven’t seen a sparrow since then nor have taken the earthworm into my hand. The future now seems to be even more frightful. Probably I will end up in a Zoo Park or a Museum showing my kids how a butterfly looked like. Appalling isn’t it!!!
We humans are so selfish and unfair. We all have walked our way and distributed this land for ourselves. We have completely ignored the rest who are also equally part of this very planet. What about all the animals, plants, insects and the rest? We have encroached into the rest of the area too knowingly or unknowingly. And now the situation is slowly getting out of our hand. The ecosystem is going topsy-turvy. So many species are almost on the verge of extinction. The polar ice caps are melting; the ozone is all getting depleted. Global temperatures are increasing. We are adding the human population every second and are ignoring the rest. Every single move and we are adding to the destructions list, leaving no scope for the future to be any better.
Nations and individuals talk about the economic meltdown. But how many of us are thinking about the eco destruction that has already taken place long time, which is almost on the verge of an end. Join hands to save this earth. Think about the situation. React and Act to it. There are so many ways that every individual as a drop can do, to fill the mighty ocean. Just that everyone has to give it a thought.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Sunday, February 1, 2009

to finish strong

It gets so tought when we are almost to the end, and thats the time when most of us tend to give up. It is the WILL to finish strong that would make all the difference. People are not gona remember all that happened in the beggining and in the middle, but the END.